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I Have Dedicated Myself To Sharing With You The Wealth Academy Certification Program That Will Show You How to Acquire High-Income Skills, Get Paid Big For Your Skills, Grow Multiple Streams Of Income During This Recession...


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The Number 1 Secret To Becoming A 6-7 Figure Marketing Expert Is To Stack Your Skills.

You’ve heard the saying: “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer” right?
Well it’s actually very true.
But the reason it’s not because of greed. It’s not because of typical education. It’s not because of “the government” either.
The Rich Get Richer Because We Know How To Invest And Multiply Our Money That The Middle-Class Don’t! 
When you trade time for dollars, you’re making money the slow way.
The only real way to make ANY significant amount of money is to multiply it.
The great part is once you know how to invest and multiply it, your life will never be the same!
You’ll finally experience what it’s like to have your money work for you while you sleep... while you’re on vacation... and even while you’re just relaxing with your loved ones.
For me, I’ve always felt like this was one of the most powerful wealth secrets I’ve ever known. So I never really talk about it much.
But with that said...
I want to just flat out tell you this:

The ROI keeps growing. It's the ONLY asset that most people don't focus on growing, or they don't look at it as a MUST-HAVE in their portfolio as asset allocation. 
Knowledge is power.
You can even take money out of the IRS's pocket and put it back in yours...because business education is deductible (as always, check with your accountant). 
That means it's a 25% - 50% better bang for your buck than anything else you buy for yourself. See what I mean about ROI? 
If all that wasn't enough, I've also thrown in a 30 Minute Consultation directly with myself.
This is easily valued at over $2,500.
Even better ROI!
Now these certifications are available for my $12,497 VIP FUNNELS ACCELERATOR students, yet since you are here and you've taken massive action already.
I want to open this up to just a select few. 
And instead of buying them separately for $1,497-$5,000 each (You can see on WealthAcademy.com/products) that's how much they go for and many people globally have paid this.
You can snag them for 95% off as part of this new marketing experiment I'm doing.
Literally 95% off. 
NOTE: I have the rights to take this special offer down anytime with or without notice.
What's holding you back is lack of SKILL ACQUISTION.
This is why I want to give you the skills in a box kinda way so that you and your business can have a life instead of it being held hostage.
Next time you feel stuck, information overwhelmed, scared, stressed, take a breather or just BREATHE NOW...
And realize that you are literally just 1 skill away from crafting your perfect business.
I remember like it was yesterday listening to Brian Tracy the Success GURU who was sharing how I needed to MASTER skills.
The more skills you learn, the more money you attract.
Like Warren Buffet says The More You Learn, The More You Earn.
So I want to give you the ultimate fast track.
You already know that I don't really do the whole discount thing, but I have a motive to go the extra mile to help you make money in 2022, I will release my WACERT I can't share much about it now but you realise that thousands of clients have come through my sales funnels over the years spending $3,000, $10,000 and $30,000 to buy my products and services.
I've had over a dozen people buy out my Pink Diamond $120K program and the 1 thing I always hear from subscribers now over (500,000+ members) is that they want something affordable to make money with RIGHT NOW...
This is one of the reasons why I launched the 5 Day Funnels Challenge.
Now to supercharge this on literally steroids so you have your own MARKETING MBA I wanted to hook you up with something I've never done before.
I almost never put stuff on-sale, I don't do discounts, special offers etc - I like premium clients at premium prices. But I am today! And here's the selfish reason why...
I'm launching some big things for 2022 and I'd like for you to make some good cash before the BIG LAUNCH when the time comes, there are no excuses from you on why you're not buying...
When you invest in your business and marketing education now, it pays you back the rest of your life. It's not a one-time payback. 
You get rewards year after year after year...if you implement. 
When you or your team member or your virtual assistant goes through this, they are literally getting 10 years of expertise condensed and able to master topics that leaves the competition in the dust.
This gives you the unfair advantage that you truly desire, deserve and dream about.

The 2nd Secret Is To Have The Right SYSTEMS (Save Yourself Time, Energy, Money & Stress)

How would you like your own done for you GURU FUNNELS business kickstarter package?
What if you got your own business in a box with all the funnels, landing page templates, email autoresponder all done and ready to go? Well for 10 people you can literally get a full plug and play business in a box along with a proven campaign that includes the slides / webinar templates and more.
What's more on top of this exclusive JUMPSTART PROGRAM - you will also be able to get access to an entire suite of the certification programs that will enable you to have SKILLS.
    Build instant authority and goodwill in the industry – You’ll get a full HD branded course, packed with information, exercises and PDF supplements, based on the strategies that ARE WORKING RIGHT NOW.    Easily Sell It In The $997 - $2,997 Range – Our courses are SO value packed you’ll easily be able to charge a premium price for them and get a huge interest and a minimal refund rate. Your customers will be BEGGING you for more!    Secure Member’s Area – We’ll design a beautiful, secure member’s area that will allow you full control over the course and give your customers a premium, luxurious experience.    Create a stream of Red Hot Buyers  – You’ll be able to consistently attract buyers coming to you, because those that buy once keep buying over and over again.     Keep ALL The Money – Forget the 10%-30% commission structures, from now on, you sell and you keep 100% of the profits. This is your own product in a box.    THE ONLY Shortcut – There's nothing else like this in the marketplace, I've seen what all the top earners, companies offer *I know all of them on a first name basis* and I created this to give you the unfair advantage saving you easily 12-36 months of you trying to do it all yourself.    Build a hot, responsive list quickly – Our squeeze pages will consistently outperform the competition, and will allow you to build a huge, hot list as quickly as possible.    List Building On Steroids - With the cost of traffic through the roof, old methods are no longer working. That’s why our squeeze pages are written to showcase your USP and offer a fresh value-based approach to lead generation.    Guaranteed results - We’ll work with you for as long as necessary to make sure you squeeze page is converting optimally to get 20%+ optin rates from traffic.    Asset Creation On Steroids – When you start building a list, this is the number 1 resource you need to fully and completely develop your asset that will stay with you for years. PLUS ALOT MORE!

Get all certifications in a bundle for one time price of $5,997. Its a limited time offer. This sells every single day for $10,000 on WealthAcademy.com
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We've had 2,000 members come in our initial test, now we are going to accept 100 more and then close this off until further notice.You can LITERALLY hand this off to an Intern, your business associates, hire a very affordable Virtual Assistant from Pakistan/India/Phillipines and have them execute for you on this.


  • ​400 million small businesses around the world
  • ​Over 1.1 trillion websites globally
  • ​4.66 billion potential customers online spending 2 hours on social media daily



Because They're doing all the wrong thingsNetworking with people they don't like
​Sending awkward emails or messages to strangers
​Discounting for friends and family
​​Cold call-ing that's embarrassing and uncomfortable
​​Pray-ing someone is going to send them a referral
They're starving for customers, & struggling to adapt to the NEW digital economy.
Which means they're willing to pay $2.5k, $5k, $10k a month for a Digital Marketer to help them.
That Digital Marketer WILL be you if you follow exactly as we say


  • ​Google - $146.92 Billion
  • ​Facebook - $84.2 Billion
  • ​Twitter - $2.99 Billion

A lot of Digital Marketing dollars, a LOT less Digital Marketers.
Want us to teach you how to become one?


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